четверг, 15 декабря 2016 г.

When choosing a cleaner especially paying attention to the ease of cleaning the vacuum cleaner after cleaning. Bissell Big Green easily disassembled. Wash the filter vacuum cleaner - is easy. Bissell Big Green became my favorite helper in the house.

Aquafiltering well holds the smallest particles of dust.

Bissell Big Green - a powerful and compact. For cleaning need only two cups of water (about 0.6 liters) in a vacuum container (up to the mark), so that the vacuum cleaner is easy, compared to other vacuum cleaners with aqua-filter.

The suction power of the vacuum cleaner 400 watts. Vacuums suck fine dust from the carpet even on medium power (power is adjusted on the vacuum cleaner)

Included with the vacuum cleaner has a turbo-brush. Turbo Brush quickly rotates in the head, knocking debris and dust from the carpet. Thanks to the turbo-brush, a vacuum cleaner Bissell Big Green carefully schistit any carpeting of dust, hair, wool and other things. This is my favorite brush.

The set also has a few tips - for baseboards, floor. There are the usual brush with switch-carpet floor - it can help to remove the flooring, linoleum and other hard coatings.

The vacuum cleaner has a power regulator, I turn to the full only when the mat near the door pylesoshu, have something to compare it vacuums fine, after the carpet is fresh and without sand (tried, shaken after the procedure).

As in all conventional vacuum cleaner power cord is pulled out and put back on a button. Switched on / off in the same button.

Not really suits me long cord, it is 5 meters, and it is necessary to vacuum each room individually.

Volume of a dust collector of a vacuum cleaner Bissell Big Green is sufficient for a complete cleaning of the two rooms, then you need to replace the water in the net.

After cleaning, simply open the container and pour the dirty water. This is done easily and quickly. After use, the washed parts of the filter, it is desirable to dry.

 Includes two brushes, regular and turbo brush. Turbo brush for carpets great thing when there are pets, or a woman with problem hair fell out, I our mat near the door every month exactly pylesoshu turbo brush from the hair. Brushes look shaky, but I'm not their nails same score)))

Small nozzle for cleaning corners, sofas, and narrow passes, are also useful when cleaning.

Harvesting must be carefully vacuumed, if he will turn it will fill the filter and cleaning it will end. But the vacuum cleaner itself is light and it is not difficult to pick up.

At the end of the process there is another procedure that I like more than the other vacuum cleaners - cleaning container.

His home vacuum cleaner with the container cleaned often not because when you open the cover and discarding in the trash heap of entrails razletalast dust.

Do you want to clean the house after it was not the smell of dust - buy a vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter - will not regret!